Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Running in Mrs. Claus' speedo

My friend, Paul who I admire so much because he is a serious runner/athlete, was raising money for the Santa Speedo Run. He probably does not pick his athletic conquests by the charity, t-shirt, chowder or beer. He probably started running when he was like a toddler and was a high school and college track star. He is totally buff.

Recently, he had some sort of fracture of someplace complicated that sounded like a dirty Latin euphemism for something dirty and latin. It is a serious injury and he required crutches. He had raised all this money for the speedo run and was going to go and stand on the sidelines instead. I knew this would not fly because he for real. I learned that Paul "ran" with his crutches in a red speedo in like 4 degree weather -- probably a quick hobble but a slow, cold, mile. Paul rocks.

He said next year, I would run it with him. I was later thinking about how revealing this blog is. I am pretty sure that I would rather bare my most embarrassing fat camp story then run a single step in a dirty Mrs. Claus speedo. At least with this blog, you can choose not to look at it or turn away. I think if I am going to expose myself to benefit a charity, I chose this way. At least it is not offensive to unsuspecting audience. So you’re welcome, Boston. Please donate now so I can run the marathon fully clothed for MBHP!

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