Tuesday, December 22, 2009

She's a Little Runaway

When you run, unlike many other fitness pursuits or other life activities, you are totally alone with your craziest thought; worst anxiety; most terrible insecurities. You do not have the distraction of your goddamn smarter-than-you-know-it-all phone/pc/mac/tv/tivo/dvr/dvd/blueray/nano- torturebot ringing, beeping, blinking, geechatting, texting, sexting noise.

There is no simply running away from your problems while running. You are stuck with that voice inside your head that calls you out on bad behavior, reveals personal truths that you are not at all interested in facing, and shows you the right path when you are so definitely on the wrong one. Running reminds you how much you, too, suck.

This sounds so negative. It really is not. Running forces you to face your problems so that they do not regurgitate themselves all over your psyche when you are 7 miles from home without a Charlie Card, bank card, phone, or cash. It forces you to try to attempt to be well-adjusted or else! (I often still choose else.)
For all of you are afraid of bad knees, bad back, asthma - fear not. Your aches will likely be of the heart and mind. So lace up, the doctor is in!

Hmmmm...there is always a nice Pinot Noir to mop up your troubles for awhile.

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